Declaration of love to a guy in your own words: beautiful options

A declaration of love is an important stage in the relationship between lovers. The desire to confess feelings and share emotions speaks of trust and tenderness. If you want to tell a guy about your love, but there are not enough words to express the depth of your feelings, take ready-made phrases as a basis and supplement them with your thoughts.

Romantic phrases for a beloved guy

Often girls become the initiators of recognition. Elle magazine notes that the success of recognition largely depends on the surroundings. Therefore, on the eve of Valentine’s Day in a romantic setting, it is best to talk about the innermost. Spoken from the heart in their own words, they are able to impress even the most brutal male representatives. How to confess your love to a guy in your own words? If you want to melt the heart of your beloved and tell how much he means to you, use these phrases:

*** My dear knight! You are so strong, brave, determined and sincere that with you I feel like a real princess. Thank you for the opportunity to feel warmth and care every day. I am truly happy with you!

*** When you are near, I feel warmth and joy, care and tenderness. I feel comfortable and calm when you hug me. Thanks to you, we have created a small world in which nothing is impossible. I really hope that in this world we will always be light and comfortable.

*** Our meeting was a real miracle for me. After meeting you, the world was filled with light, became bright, beautiful and boundless. This was made possible thanks to your kind and loving heart. I love you and will protect these feelings, as you protect me from all dangers and worries!

*** Before meeting you, I considered all words about love banal and empty. But now they are filled with meaning, like my life. Your love and care made every day amazing and bright. I am grateful to you for your patience, perseverance and tenderness. With you, I really feel like behind a stone wall, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

*** You are the only person I feel like I belong with. When you are near, it seems to me that all paths are open and nothing is impossible. Because you always support, fill me with strength and do not let me fall. Thank you for this feeling! This is true happiness!

*** I have long tried to find the perfect words to tell you about my feelings. Now I understand that not a single phrase can convey how much I cherish you. You are the person I have been waiting for all my life. I love you with all my heart and want you to be as happy as I am.

A beautiful declaration of love:

A declaration of love by a girl is a real gift to a man that resonates into eternity, as the online magazine “Psychology of Effective Life” notes. Every man is pleased to hear compliments from his girlfriend. These words can give strength and confidence, inspire new achievements and warm the soul. Feel free to say words of love, because they are surely expected.

*** If you were the last person on Earth, I would accept it with joy and humility. After all, it is you who makes this world kind, beautiful and full. I don’t need anyone but you.

*** With you, I’m ready to go even to the ends of the earth, because you are the center of my world. I am sure that I can lean on your shoulder in any situation. Your warmth is enough for the two of us.

*** You are the main character of my life, and I am ready to go hand in hand with you until the very end. I am sure that meeting with you is the best gift of fate. I will cherish this gift and love you always.

*** Do not be afraid that your voice may tremble when you pronounce phrases of love. The beloved will surely understand that this is a manifestation of excitement and sincerity, which is so important in a couple. Speak from the bottom of your heart and the words will achieve their purpose.

Declaration of love to a guy:

Short declarations of love to a guy If you plan to talk about your innermost feelings using social networks, you should prepare a concise and capacious phrase. One or two sentences can convey a whole range of emotions. You can use not only your own phrases, but also quotes from books, films. What are short declarations of love for a guy? You can use the phrase that Erich Maria Remarque wrote in his novel Arc de Triomphe: “I love you and will love you until I stop breathing. I know this for sure. You are my horizon and all my thoughts come down to you. Let it be anything – everything always closes on you. And that’s how it’s always been.” Here are other short declarations of love created by famous writers.

*** “If you need a person to be around all the time, this is love … Yes, the decisive test is how much you need a person to always be there.” (Iris Murdoch. “Sea, Sea”).

*** “Love is when you want to experience all four seasons with someone.” (Ray Bradbury. “Dandelion Wine”). Declaration of love in prose:

*** Your smile is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

*** A million words are not enough to describe you, but I have three


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