Ways to resolve conflicts

Sometimes it may seem that anger gives a kind of aggressive passion and energy for movement. But the result of such a movement is unpredictable, filled with negative experiences, and most often leads to devastating consequences. In such a situation, it is worthwhile to honestly figure out what result you actually expect. As I already wrote in the article “Fulfillment of desires”, the more clearly we realize our own desires, the more swift and smooth the path to the goal becomes. The main obstacles on the way are related to the fact that we do not fully understand what we want. Doubt makes you hesitate.

All you need to do is just do your thing, strategically weighing the effectiveness of upcoming decisions. There is simply no room for bad emotions with this approach. It is necessary to realize with all your heart the total futility of bad experiences. As a result, they do not do anything good, but only cloud the mind, dull sensitivity, make it difficult to resolve conflicts, and force you to act rudely, not noticing the fine line of balance that is so necessary to get an effective result.

What would be the most effective solution to the aforementioned “sassy” man situation? For a start, you can strategically weigh what is happening, and ask yourself: “what can I do?” If it is still important to go first, you can negotiate. If the negotiations fail, or you don’t want to enter into them at all, you can again weigh what is more profitable – calmly retreat, or start a conflict?

In other words, there is no point in worrying. It makes sense to make informed decisions. If you realize the meaninglessness of any negative experience, just act. You are not an indifferent amoeba. Life itself is a continuous movement. Being is simply there, but life, which is illuminated by the presence of consciousness, becomes harmonious in dynamic balance.

In a sense, the “sassy man” was needed only to identify and eliminate an outdated way of responding to life. Such situations are given to learn how to resolve conflicts, not create new ones. After all, the real cause of the problem is not what happens, but how we react to it. The reaction is due to experience. And this experience is corrected here and now by the level of sensitivity of the current self-awareness and understanding of the world.

Leaving out the context of learning, in any situation, the ideal option is to maintain a calm mind. Not the suppression of emerging emotions, but the initial preservation of natural peace of mind. Actions are important insofar as they affect inner comfort. And after all, only in psychic silence are we able to hear the most subtle, intuitive, right decisions that help resolve conflicts and find harmony in life.

Household sensitivity is like meditation. This is the ability to accept an eternally new reality here and now, without claiming to be omniscient, because everything that has been known instantly becomes the past. This is the position of the disciple, whose glass of knowledge is constantly being emptied to accommodate the continuous now. This is a birth in every new moment, finding balance without supports, accepting the spontaneity of the present moment in which life takes place. The ability to learn new knowledge is one of the most difficult and greatest talents to achieve. This is the ability to see ways to resolve conflicts and find harmony in every new moment.

If we are conscious, and we manifest ourselves sensitively, adequately to the situation, our reaction will not be conditioned by heavy concepts and blind emotions. A conscious person sees what is happening here and now as a single whole picture, the reaction to which is the very missing stroke, the necessary note that complements the melody of the situation in a single harmony of life.