What is loneliness?

Imagine that you are the last living being in the universe. There is no one to talk to, no one quarrels with you, no one entertains you. Others no longer influence you, do not share their knowledge, do not frighten and do not please. You are in an empty world. Represented?

In loneliness, most people have such a tricky feeling, as if nothing new in this life will ever happen again, as if everything bright and loaded with meaning at that moment disappears from reality forever. At the same time, we seem to feel that knowledge and the light of meaning can only come from outside, as if we ourselves are such an empty and dark box, and all the best that we have is received from others. And as soon as we are left alone with ourselves, all our “superficial” light immediately begins to dissipate.

Impressions are the food and air of the personality. However, impressions do not occur somewhere outside, they occur within us – in our psyche. We feed our personality with impressions that we ourselves generate. The outside world is the key, it reveals the information that is already embedded in us.

A lot of articles have been written about projections on progressman.ru. I won’t repeat myself too much. The bottom line is that the experiences we have with other people are really just our experiences. In this sense, those around us are simply guides to our internal resources. The light of unity we experience in the company of kindred spirits comes from within. The outside world is the canvas on which our mind paints.

However, in the matter of “consuming” our own karma, we are so dependent on external “conductors” that when alone, where there are no suitable objects for our most colorful projections, we stop the flow of impressions and experience mental suffocation.

Loneliness is a lack of impressions, which is really like holding your breath. And loneliness, like holding your breath, can be “trained”, keeping the comfort of being alone with yourself for ever longer periods of time.

Man, as they say, is a social animal. It’s hard for us to be alone simply because we associate all the brightest in ourselves with other people. In loneliness, even the most beautiful and useful things lose their meaning, and merge with lifeless walls. Why are others so important to us?